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TapVet allows us Veterinarians to post pictures of cases for which we'd like see comments and opinions from our peers and other veterinary professionals. These are often (not always) difficult or rare cases.

In this blog, I'll post some of the more interesting cases presented on TapVet as well as some from my personal experience.

Here's an interesting one:

Signalment: 12 year old female poodle admitted for hind leg lameness. Dog displayed pain on abduction of the coxofemoral joint and deep palpation of the right gluteal region. Thickness and pain was also palpated in the left forearm. X-rays were recommended.

Pelvis: Periosteal reaction in the pubis and ischium of the right side of the pelvis.

Radius/Ulna: Periosteal new bone formation.

Lung: Consolidated lobe and possible mass.

Diagnosis: Hypertrophic Osteopathy - Primary tumor of the lung with periosteal reaction to both the pelvis and radius/ulna.

#lameness #neoplasia