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Smartphone Optical Adapters Review

The three smartphone optical adapters that I have chosen to review in a clinical setting are the Gosky Smartphone Digiscoping Adapter, the HookUpz 2.0 Smartphone Optics Adapter, and the Universal Digiscoping Mobile adapter. All three were purchased on eBay and Amazon and all three arrived in a timely manner.

Packaging ranged from the more elaborate HookUpz to the simplicity of the Universal Mobile. The cost of all three ranged from CAD $9.57 - $79.00. (eBay - Iniversal Digiscoping Mobile Adaptor cost $9.57; Amazon - Gosky Smartphone Digiscoping Adapter $21.99 and the HookUpz 2.0 Smartphone Optics Adapter $79.00.)

The 3 products will be evaluated for quality, ease of attaching the smartphone to the adapter, ease of attaching to optical lens (microscope vs otoscope), and finally quality of the captured images.

The Gosky Smartphone The HookUpz Smartphone Universal Digiscoping

Digiscoping Adapter Optics Adapter Adapter

The two simpler design products are the Gosky and Universal adapters. Both have a sliding carriage to lock in the smartphone allowing the camera to align with the upper pendulum, which is then locked securely in position. The HookUpz adapter allows the phone to be secured more easily though is bulkier and much heavier. The HookUpz design is sturdy has lime green rubberized protectors attached to all parts touching the phone or lens. The question is whether the complexity of its design translates into better functionality or durability?

The Gosky Smartphone Digiscoping Adapter is easy to attach phone using an adjustable carriage that is tightened with a screw. The upper pendulum is aligned to the camera on the phone and then also tightened securing the camera field.

The HookUpz Smartphone Optics Adapter is easily attached and aligned with a spring-loaded movable arm and secured to the adapter with a spring-loaded grasper. The camera lens is then aligned to the adapter's optical port via a large plastic screw which moves the carriage from side to side.

The Universal Digiscoping Mobile Adapter is by far the simplest of the 3 adapters. The phone is fastened to the expandable carrier by tightening it with a screw. The camera lens is aligned to the adapter's visual port by moving the pendulum up and down and side to side and then tightened with a secure screw.

All 3 adapters are easy to figure out and easy to align the phone properly in position to capture images.

The HookUpz adapter attaches easily to the optical lens though is heavy and a little clunky when attaching. The lens spacer allows the camera to capture amazing photos compared to the other 2 adapters. The image is full screen and central.

The Universal Adapter attaches easiest to the optical lens and is light and positioned well as to still be able to use other lenses.

The Gosky adapter is the most difficult to attach to the lens and once attached captured the smallest field of view so only captures a few cells at a time.

Attaching the gadgets to the microscope and capturing images was successful with all 3 gadgets. The simplest to attach was the Universal Adapter it literally screwed onto the eyepiece and captured a beautiful image with a decent field of view. The Gosky was the most tedious to attach and created an image with a small field of view unable to capture many cells. The HookUpz was a heavier attachment, though with the lens spacer and secure attachment to the lens, it provided a spectacular image with a perfect field of view. The last image was the one captured by the HookUpz. The cytology by the way was that of an oral melanoma.

Unfortunately none of the adapters were able to be used with the Welch Allyn Otoscope or Ophthalmoscope. The otoscopes were not designed to have a camera attached to the head piece. The search will continue to find attachments that can be used with the smartphone to capture images easily using the otoscope and/or ophthalmoscope.

To sum up the three adapters I would firstly recommend taking one of your discarded older version smartphones and attach it to the microscope with your adapter as a permanent solution. On quality of images alone I recommend the HookUpz 2.0 hands down. If I was wanting to test one out to evaluate its importance to my practice I would probably order the Universal Adapter mainly because of price and ease of use. Hopefully that was helpful.

Look forward to my next evaluation hopefully it involves a solution for our otoscope.

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