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The Essential App for All Pet Owners !

TapVet is the mobile app built to aid owners trying to assess the severity or importance of a problem with their pet and get suggestions on what to do.

Posting and asking for help has become the new norm in our digital world. TapVet has created an essential app for pet owners to safely and easily receive and give advice Point, click, post and wait for the input of a vibrant pet loving community.

Through our Blog, we at TapVet will help educate pet owners on how to post and what to ask. We will share wonderful cases which started as ugly problems for a pet and ended with a happy and healthy creature by following great advice.


An owner, concerned about her dog posted on TapVet for advice - Great Dane developed a raised reddened non painful bump over the left eye. It had begun as a whitish pimple and over a week developed into the Before picture.



The community helped ease the owner's concerns and gave some suggestions. After a week of topical antibiotic creams the After picture is what it looked like....healing well!

The advice from experienced owners helped with the diagnosis and treatment. Adding a picture of her dog getting better a week later, was a nice touch. It's nice to know the good advice made a difference.

This owner then went on to help someone else by commenting on a case that she had seen before with her own dog. She came across a post of a Great Dane that looked exactly like what she had seen on her Blue Dane.

As a note, Breeders on TapVet are a great source of wisdom and advice. Sharing their extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of their breed helps many with problems they've seen before.


This dog has terrible warts all over his mouth. The owner posted this picture and was helped by another pet owner. The comment suggested it is oral papillomas and gave advice on how to proceed. She also could have asked for an opinion from a vet on TapVet but for now, she's happy with the advice received.

From here the owner hopefully will post follow ups and let us know how things turned out.

Come back next time for more pictures, stories and advice and join us at TapVet for updates on the upcoming lunch.

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