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If you answer YES to any of the following

I want to participate in a larger veterinarian community

I like to learn and see new cases

I'd love to share some interesting cases

Sometimes i'd like a second opinion on my case

I've got lots of experience i'd like to share

How does it work ?

Take a picture of your case and post it right from your phone for everyone to see.

Watch all the opinions from other doctors, techs and students come in.

It's all about  professionals helping professionals (and students too)

Tell people what you think and ask for comments.

TapVet second opinion screenshot
TapVet xray screenshot

If you're knowledgeable about animals, jump on TapVet and help others help their pets. You don't need to be an owner to join.

Experience is priceless so c'mon and  share it 

Some Great Features !

It's strictly a private community for veterinary practitioners and students

We verify all members before granting access

You can get multiple opinions to help you or confirm your thinking

You can comment wherever you can help

You can upvote comments you like

You can follow people and posts

You'll be notified of comments on your activities

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