Owner FAQ


What kind of pictures should you post in the feed?

  • Clear well-lit pictures of your pet’s ailment.

  • Zoom or close-up pictures can be useful to better show the problem.

  • Make sure to keep your phone very still for best quality pictures and make sure it’s in focus.

  • You can upload up to three pictures to best show your case.


What kind of pictures should not be posted in the feed?

  • Any picture depicting any intentional cruelty to an animal by you.

  • Pictures of healthy animals unless it is the outcome of your pet’s ailment getting better.

  • If you see what you deem to be an inappropriate picture, please click on ‘Inappropriate’. We’ll investigate and remove it if we agree.


How quickly can I expect to receive comments from Vets once I post to their community?

  • It can vary between minutes and days depending on many factors including:

    • Quality of the picture and your comment.

    • How common the problem is. Rare cases will require more time.

    • Time of day matters since TapVet is currently only released in north America.


How many Vet responses should I expect?

  • Once your post is posted to where Veterinarians can comment, your post will be prioritized until it receives three replies. 


What if I don’t receive any comments from Vets?

  • The only reasons you would not receive comments from Veterinarians are poor picture quality, confusing comment on the post or if it contained inappropriate material.


How do you ensure Vets are qualified?

  • We ask for and verify the license of every veterinarian.

  • We monitor posts for appropriateness of responses

  • All veterinarians have a satisfaction rating in TapVet. This rating is not visible to pet owners and it is used for internal monitoring.

How will I know if comments are valid and worth considering?

  • One way is to look at how many people agree with the comment by the number of upvotes it has received.

  • Look at the commenter’s profile and note how many people follow him/her or like their posts.

  • Comments are just other opinions and should be taken as such. There is often no one right answer to pet health questions and considering many opinions is the best way to help your pet.


Why is there a fee for soliciting comments from veterinarians?

  • The fee is intended to support the costs of running and improving TapVet.

  • It is a small fee for receiving three individual opinions from Veterinarians specific to your pet.


Why are the Veterinarians identified only as a number when they comment on a post?

  • Regulations prohibit veterinarians from providing advice on animals they have not met. When they comment on your post, they do not know if the picture is from an owner, from a colleague, from a student or a test from TapVet. We protect yours and their identity. They will not be able to identify you and you will not be able to identify them.


How is TapVet unique and the best resource for pet owners and animal lovers?

  • Multiple opinions or crowd-advice is very powerful in veterinary medicine where there is often not a single interpretation of a problem.

  • It is a place for you to share your experience and knowledge to help others. If you have a valid comment to make, don’t hesitate to contribute! This is the essence of TapVet.

  • Drawing on the experience of many can more easily support interpreting rare cases.

  • More opinions mean better outcomes.

  • The community will comment specifically on your pet’s problem.  You don’t have to guess if your pet’s problem is the same as someone else’s.

  • It is a unique place for people to help people by sharing their knowledge and experience.