Stefano Lizzola and Mike Cormier are TapVet’s co-founders.

Stefano is an operations executive with an MBA from Schulich School of Business and is a life-long student of technology. He is a dog owner that just can’t sit still and is responsible for the company’s strategy and ongoing operations.


Mike is a very successful and beloved veterinarian with a huge following. He has extensive emergency room and surgical experience and has owned several clinics. Mike is responsible for medical operations and guidance.

TapVet’s vision is to dramatically increase the sharing of veterinary knowledge and experience through pictures, to improve health outcomes for as many pets and animals around the world as possible.


​To realize the vision, TapVet has been created as the world’s first safeprivate, secure and free picture and comment sharing mobile App for veterinary professionals.


For pet owners and breeders, TapVet also has a separate public mobile App community to share explicit photos and seek knowledge related to their pets’ health.


Veterinarians everywhere regularly communicate and support each other by email through pictures and comments on cases. Pet owners are always texting and emailing their vets, breeders and friends with explicit photos of what is ailing their pet looking for comments to help them decide on what to do next.


TapVet is here for you to share and enjoy for the good of animals everywhere.

Contact us at yourteam@tapvet.com with comments and questions.

Helping pet owners everywhere through the power of shared pictures and knowledge.